On 11th December 2014 I visited the doctor and was referred to the Dermatology department of the hospital. My appointment on 2nd January
resulted in referral for surgery ( no biopsy at this stage ) On 3rd March
surgery given ( skin graft from shoulder to forehead ) material sent for
analysis. On 26th March returned to own doctor and was treated by a
nurse (dressing changed) On 27th March noticed that wound had gone
yellow. I rang the doctors surgery and asked what had been put on the wound and was told saline. Unable to make contact with the dermatology
department at the hospital I left a message. I was later asked to revisit the
hospital which I did on 31st March. Here I discovered that the yellow colour
was caused by iodine. I was asked to re-attend on 8th April. I was given literature showing that the biopsy confirmed a squamous cell carcinoma.
My Question (a) could the use of iodine on the wound cause any harm to
the process. (b) Is the time scare of the treatment quite acceptable and
normal .