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Edema - I haven't drunk alcohol in a month but my feet and ankles are still swollen what to do?

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kaismama 21 Aug 2014

It may take a while for the fluid to stop. In the meanwhile, cut salt in your diet way down. Try to elevate your legs as much as possible. There are some foods that are natural diuretics (will get rid of edema). Cucumbers are one. Caffeine is one. Then there is watermelon, parsley, cranberry juice, green tea, asparagus, fennel, beets and celery. If they continue to swell, after you've cut salt and increased these foods in your diet, then see your dr again.

Delila 22 Aug 2014

Hi, it can take quite some time, i would suggest the same as Kaismama, keep your legs elevated as much as possible. In between, exercise helps, walking, swimming, etc. and massage, physiotherapy can improve this. free discount card

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