I am a 55 year old male and had my prostate removed about two years age. After basically a year off from sexual relations, my wife and I again became sexually active. While our sex life is not what it once was it remains very active, however, getting and maintaining an erection is difficult and it is only half the size it once was. Sensitivity is a problem as well.

I have experimented with daily Cilias prescribed by my doctor and recently discovered my testosterone level was very low. I have been taking injections every 3 week to build my level up and that made a difference initially but tapered off quickly.

I have also supplemented the Cilias with an off the shelf ED product from the local drug store and noticed an increase in sensitivity but not size or stamina.

I have been reading several reviews on ED products such as Zenerx and VigRX Plus but it appears these are enhancers for basically healthy males (with prostates) and provide little information for those in my situation. I have also read up on the use of natural products such as L-arginie and Propionyl-L-Carnitine, Gingko, and Zinc. All of this is very revealing... but confusing.

I feel there has to be a solution to enhance performance for someone in my situation. I am not as concerned with size as I am sustained performance and sensitivity.

I would greatly appricate any feedback you you could provide.

Michael P. Leighty