In 2000 i had a complete break down & being someone who didn't even take asprin i took whatever the docs gave me. that was a mistake. well, after being on whatever the doctor of the day thought i needed that month, one put me on pristq 300mg daily. been taking it for over 5 years as directed. during that time i found a wonderful doctor who actually LISTENS! she ran a whole lot of tests because i told her i wasn't depressed... i was angry because i was unable to function & had gained 150#! come to find out i'm not "bi-polar & severely depressed" ... i'm narcoleptic! since seeing her i've done away with every stinking chemical straightjacket except the pristq. i've tried to get off of it before but the withdrawal is so horrid that i started again. so back in jan. i started stopping it one pill at a time. i went one month with just 200mg. then waited a month before reducing it again to 100mg. then another month before it was finished. i took the last 100mg 2 days ago & i think i'm going nuts or something! i've never been "on" anything so this withdrawal is really scarey for me. i'm not sure how to make this any easier on myself as i don't have anyone with me... i'm doing this alone. i know that once this is over i'll be ok... i hope... but right now i'm shaking so bad, headache, nausea, the constant crying over stupid stuff(like when i was pregnant!), not to mention the sudden "itchy" attacks i keep getting. but now i feel as if my joints are locking up on me! is this stuff normal? how long does it last? i was always a very vibrant & energetic person before my breakdown(it was caused by a broken heart) & i'd like to get my life back! help?