Had heavy period on march 14-16. Light period on april 3-8. On april 12, my bf and i didnt exaclty had "complete sex". He was rubbing his penis on my clit. When i felt that something was slipping in, like penetrating me, i stopped him. I was scared so, i took nordette as ecp (4pills 1st dose, 4 pills 2nd dose) on april 14. April 26-29 "light period" not sure if its withdrawal bleeding. April 30-may 5 heavy period. (Was expecting my period on may 2). Light period on may 6 and 7. Then took PT on may 5 afternoon second pee. It said negative. (Not pregnant). Now. I am experiencing small blood spots again. That started may 17 until now, may 18. Im also experiencing mild cramps. Im not sure. Am i pregnant? This is my first time.