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How is Ecitalopram better than Citalopram?

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LaurieShay 5 Jul 2014

Escitalopram is simply an improved version of citalopram which means in general it has less side effects particularly in the early stages of treatment. Common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea and tiredness. Also, escitalopram does not carry the warning that citalopram carries concerning effects on the heart.

littlearthquake 5 Jul 2014

Thanks, Laurie! This is just the kind of info I need--especially the cardiac concerns.

kaismama 5 Jul 2014

It isn't necessarily. Every human is different and we all react differently to meds. It may work better for some people and celexa can work better for others. They are the same kind of medication and work the same way.

Delila 6 Jul 2014

Hi, Escitalopram is prescribed more often for GAD, Citalopram is prescribed more often for depression

littlearthquake 6 Jul 2014

Sorry--what is "GAD"?

Delila 7 Jul 2014

Sorry, Generalised Anxiety Disorder/anxiety free discount card

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