Hello. I am a 25 year old female. I am obese, and have poor dental health. The have sever broken teeth and a few rotten ones. They don't pain me to bad other than occasional aches. I have been suffering the past year with shortness of breath issues. I have had chest scans done and have been on prednisone, mucinex, inhalers and such... The last two nights I went to the ER because not only had my breathing problems worsened but because i was having severe pressure in my head and light headedness. The first time they just gave me a breathing treatment then sent me on my way. And last night they just gave me ibuprofen for my head and when that didn't work they gave me valium and sent me on my way without running any tests at all. What could this be? I have no medical insurance and have been trying to contact a clinic nearby for an appointment but they have yet to return t my call. I am very scared and worried.