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Can eating any typ of nuts cause shingles?

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DzooBaby 12 Aug 2013

No, shingles is caused by the herpes zoster virus. It is the same virus that causes chicken pox. This virus lies dormant along the nerves after one has chicken pox and for some reason (often stress, illness etc) something activates it again causing "shingles".

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happybrandee 12 Aug 2013

No, sorry, but eating nuts of any type will cause shingles. I am not a medical professional, but my mom had Shingles a few months ago and I went to the doctor with her. I don't know the medical terms for it, but her doctor explained it this way, he said that it comes from the same virus that causes the Chicken Pox. If you had the Chicken Pox when you were a kid, that you can get shingles. He told her that the virus lies dormant in your body and that some things can trigger the virus to reactivate and you get shingles. But it is not caused by nuts of any type.

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