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What can I take, eat or drink to cure the nausea from taking cefuroxime axetil?

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chuck1957 29 Jun 2017

Vickie; Have your tried taking it with food in the stomach. It really won't hurt or take it right in the middle of the meal so it's not in your lower stomach and it is mixed well with the food also try and drink some ginger ale soda with your meals it seems to work well with calming down the stomach. try this for a day or two and if your still having problems call your doctor and let the doctor know of the problem but many times this does help and it won't hurt the medication. good luck and hope this well help.

chuck1957 29 Jun 2017

Vicki; also if your working and a dose come up during that time take some bread or crackers to take this with so you won't have a stomach this should help also.

Vickiehutchins 29 Jun 2017

Thank you so much for taking the time to try and help me, you are greatly appreciated and i will try all your suggestions and let you no if it helps. Your an angel straight from heaven and i thank you once again.

isaacs 29 Jun 2017

you can try the dried ginger pieces they are like dried fruit, big lots usually have this or a health food store, its somewhat candy like, you can break off pieces and suck on them, that's what I did
also you can make ginger tea, buy a small piece of ginger at the grocery store, just break off a small piece and buy that (because its expensive) add a little sweetener & can add some lemon if want, I tried the ginger tea bags but they did not work as well free discount card

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