Both of my ears (one more severe than the other) have outer and middle ear infections. The one ear that is really bad is filled with fluid behind the eardrum, and i feel it in my head, along with the outer canal being so swollen that i cannot fit a qtip in and when the doctor used the otoscope, it was painful. I feel my voice/heartbeat in my ear as well. Also, i think that the canal is so swollen, it is pressing on a nerve or something because i am now feeling pain down the side of my face all the way to my teeth. Both ears have popped (some big and some small) with traditional physical activities (yawning, swallowing, when i sneeze or hiccup - those are particularly painful), but they are not draining - there is no rush of fluid down my ear or anywhere else. I do not have a sinus infection but i am blowing my nose regularly to try to coax the fluid out.
My doctor prescribed amox, codine (for the extreme pain that the infection is causing), and ciprodex. Is there any other way for the fluid to be drained from my ear so I don't feel so clogged?
I have already tried a heating pad, antihistamines (i already take allegra regularly for allergies), and placing the worse ear face down on the pillow so that the fluid can come out with the help of gravity.
is there anyway to help? is surgery the only way to quickly drain them? or is this something i should just hold out on?