I am a 38 year old female and was hospitalized for what seemed to be a serious bout of pyelonephritis 7 weeks ago. After arriving at the ER my husband was informed that I had more than a kidney infection and that it was in fact early stage sepsis.
Although I was hospitalized for 4 days, I was not in ICU.
I was treated with IV antibiotics while in hospital and then 2 weeks of oral antibiotics once home.

It has now been 7 weeks to the day, and although I have absolutely no trace of infection I am still absolutely exhausted. Although I don't have many other symptoms I feel extremely weak, dizzy and have palpitations at the slightest effort.
Depending on who I speak to, some health care workers tell me this state of exhaustion is normal while others tell me it is not.
As a result, my GP (who says this is abnormal) has sent me for further blood tests to find the cause of my exhaustion. So far, everything has come back normal, with the exception of my creatinine clearance, (but this is considered "normal" after such a severe kidney infection)
I have had all the standard blood tests and been screened for any possible common viral infections. Everything is normal and so Apparently all is well... except that I am not feeling well.
I am at the point of now being sent to a specialist physician for further tests and my question is whether anyone who has had a similar experience can comment on the length of time to recovery.
I have always been healthy, and feel as though 7 weeks of my life have disappeared. I am unable to do any activities like go at work, go out, and as a result am just able to get around at home and just manage to do very small things like fetch the kids from school, but this is even exhausting and leaves me dizzy and exhausted(the school is a 2-minute drive from my house... need I say more?)
Thankfully I have not had as serious an experience of sepsis in comparison to others, but I am honestly feeling as if I am going insane not knowing whether this terrible exhaustion is normal or not.
I am reluctant to go see a specialist physician as they are apparently going to test for anything and everything. The thought of this is already making me feel panicked.
Any advice / comments of your experiences would be very welcome.

Many many thanks
Michelle who constantly feels guilty for not getting better!