Hi! I've been having ear issues my whole life, I regularly go to a specialist to clean my ears because I overproduce ear wax, I also have a hole in one of my ear drums.
Now it has been a while since I've gotten my ears cleaned, too long, there's daily pain and a sense of fullness in the ear, which I have gotten quite used to. But over the last couple of days, I have had this weird smell, like cigarette smoke, I'm not sure if it's phantom but I think it is. I've been doing some searching online and after what I've read, I'm really worried. So my question is, does the smell I experience have anything to do with my ear condition? I'm going to the doctor in 10 days but I feel like I can't wait that long.
I am a 20-year-old male and I feel like I should add that my mother, which I spend a lot of time around, is a heavy smoker.