I've been suffering from severe headache pain for a few years now. My ENT diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis about a year ago but since visiting countless other ENT's, they now think it's associated with migrane. I get them once in a while, probably every couple of months. They're debilitating and last for days on end. I haven't had one since Christmas 2014 but just recently I've noticed some symptoms that are unusual. I've had pain in my ear for a few weeks. It's on the side where my headaches occur. I'm very sensitive to noise on that side. Anything that is too loud will cause me to flinch and cause my ear to make almost a muffling sound inside. I'm having pain all along that side of my head, my temple, forehead, cheek, and under my eye. I'm also pretty congested on that side of my face as well. What could this be? Is it migrane? Cluster headaches? I'm meeting with my doctor in Tuesday to go over MRI results I had done a few weeks ago. In the meantime however, does anyone have any suggestions as to what this may be?