I was diagnosed on Wednesday with an outer ear infection. I was prescribed drops & augmentin duo forte. I was told to take the augmentin if a fever came on & the other ear started to hurt. I took the drops & panadol every four hours (that's all I had) on Wednesday. The pain got worse so today I started taking the augmentin. There has been some pus coming out but I've noticed my ear has swelled & started to close up inside & my face has swelled. Its painful around my neck, jaw and even my teeth. The fever did come on, I've tried heat on it, ice on it, a blow dryer & the throbbing is still persistent. The other ear feels like its swelling also.

Am I doing something wrong or is it too early still to see improvement. I'm going in tomorrow to see another gp. Why didn't the doctor tell me what I'm in for :( I didn't think ear infections were this bad!!