Hi all, after posting my thread last week on anitriptyline and withdrawals, ended up in a&e yesterday, no not cos of the withdrawals,but had severe vomiting and stomach cramps ( been slight pain all week and on off vomitting after food), turns out that ive got another ear infection which has been there for some time, thus which has caused my dizziness, vomiting, hot cold flushes etc, on amoxiline 500 now for a week or so 1 tablet a day ( on one cos the hospital wants my stomach to settle down after all the gp medication he tried clears my system ), but has any one else got any other home remedies/ counter buy that can clear ear infections and the sinus track from blockage now and if it happens in the future, as this is not the first time ive had this problem, and would rather use home remedies/ counter buy from now on as i dont trust my gp any more and also would now like to stay of prescribed medication from now on as my stomach cant stand anymore and im feed up being a guinea pig for science to see if the medication is the right one and now the prescription have gone up in price i would like to try something different. my ears fill blocked, but no discharge, havent got any blocked nose, sneeze quite a bit 2/3 times a day, slight dizziness and slight pain under my eyes, and coughing some phelm up in morning.2/3 times. would love to hear from anyone that has sinus troubles and there cures for quick relief remedys the hospital said the phelm is there in the morning because the sinus fliud has drain down the back of my throat whilst a sleep, the dizziness is because the ear affects the balance if even slightly blocked, the vomiting/ cramps is down to the gps medication, the hot cold flushes are the withdrawal of amitrityline and all because of gps wrong dignosis.