So I take the Dytrana patch for ADHD. I stopped putting it on a couple days ago and over those couple days that I didn't wear it I started to get sinus drainage and in my throaty by my uvula I started getting bumps. I don't have an STD nor does my partner due to us both being virgins. Also the weather change where I am has been brutal. It is very very humid and very very hot. I read online that Daytrana can cause a sore throat and bumps in the mouth or on the lips. I also know that sinus drainage can cause a sore and scratchy throat. And my father told me that sometimes when the weather changes quickly like it did where I am your body reacts to it. He said he had the same thing one time as a kid due to the humidity dramtically changing. This morning when I woke up I immediately put my Daytrana patch on. My throat doesn't hurt but I can feel the bumps when I swallow and I'm starting to get worried about what this might be. This may sound stupid but I'm afraid I'm going to die. Please please please help me!