Hi everybody, ever since I was a teen I had depression and general anxiety symptoms. But I seeked treatment in my early 20's. I been on every ssri's, ssnri's, seroquel, abilify, vibriid, etc and none really worked with the exception of klonopin for my anxiety. I even qualified to vet ECT. My depression, general anxiety has basically disable me in many ways. I was diagnose 3 times with dysthymia and general anxiety. I know that Lamictal is for bipolar disorder and mood disorder. So, if my mood is always low and chronic and I never have any mania episodes why would my doctor put me on Lamictal? Right now, I'm on prozac, Wellbutrin xl, klonopin, trazodone (for insomnia )and started a week ago Lamictal 25 mg. I'm titrating up Next week to 50 MG. Also, I feel fatigued, tired, and sedated as it is. I hate meds that sedate me and makes me slow. I told my doctor as long as it doesn't make me more sedated and slow, I'll give it a try. She says that she believes Lamictal might work for me to the point that hopefully i won't have to take all the meds I'm taking right nos. Her confidence with Lamictal gave me some hope but I will like to read the opinions of people who take Lamictal with my situation. Thanks.