I do not have elevated moods, no mania, just been getting depressed again. New to me is the onset of severe anxiety since about 5 months ago. Some agrophobia behaviors thrown in. I wonder what Lamictal is going to do for my chronic low lying depression? Anyone else taking it for this? (PS It used to be called Dysthymia, but now it is called Persistent Depressive Disorder) I DO NOT HAVE cyclothymia. Also, I am not a pessimistic person, and am usually upbeat- I do have hope. However, I have been mildly depressed on an off for most of my life. I have taken CELEXA, PAXIL, AND LEXAPRO in the past. My newly prescribed Ativan is wonderful. I never had that before. I prefer just to take that, since it helps me get out of the house.