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Dysthymia - Can adderal be used to treat dysthymic disorder?

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kaismama 19 Sep 2014

Docs probably wouldn't because its a contolled drug. Antidepressants are used for it.

livingtoday 21 Oct 2014

Can be used as an add-on to augment other antidepressants, or mood stabilizers. But the key is ADD-ON... controlling depression or mood with just Adderall is very risky, can cause more depression in the long run. Its an ADD drug.

Trinabell 22 Oct 2014

Hi Brenda. Yes in some case an anti depressant preferably an SSRI & Adderall is the chosen drug co therapy to treat Dysthymic disorder.

livingtoday 22 Oct 2014

Yes, exactly, with an SSRI first, it can work very well to help with Dysthymia as an adjunct.

Jeffrey M Parent DO 19 Nov 2014

I believe that the use of psychostimulants are advocated by some thoughtful care providers in the treatment of depression in the medically ill elderly patient and as augmentation in some bipolar variants and in the treatment of atypical depression. Of course great caution is advised in the treatment of some bipolars so as not to provoke a manic episode. Mood stabilizers in use prior to the trial of stimulant meds might mitigate some of these possibilities. Since these are off-label use of agents which are generally schedule II, scrupulous documentation in the patients chart supporting one's decision to use these drugs would be prudent. Many older medically ill patients have had gratifying responses to the cautious use of the agents

TypePassword 27 Jul 2015

It may work, I've heard and read from several people that it works, but it should be known that many people see their doctors for depression and have nothing work(medications or therapy) only to find out they have ADHD and not depression. Current research is showing that some people show depressive symptoms with ADHD, without actually having depression. But with how complex the brain is it wouldn't be impossible for adderal to work for depression in some people. free discount card

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