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Dysautonomia - is this a real disorder or a somatoform one?

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prism 9 Feb 2010

Hi, there are several different kinds of Dysautonomia. I don't know a lot about it, but the type I have, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia is a "piggy back" condition- in other words, it accompanies other conditions. Most physicians I have met don't know much about it. It can be mild or severe- in my case it includes Syncope and Seizures and (several other conditions) but is frequently encountered with the Connective Tissue Disorder of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.
You can learn a lot at the DINET support forum as well as the FaceBook group of Dysautonomia.

God bless you~

genbug 28 Aug 2010

This is real, the word is vague, but means the autonomic system malfunctions.
The previous link is for a young onset problem, my husband has problems with his autonomic system as a result of degeneration of nerves set in motion with Parkinson's.
His symptoms are very difficult to treat, and as the symptoms are caused by damaged or destroyed nerves there is no cure. We continue to treat symptoms one day at a time.
Dysautonomia is very real.

helene39 12 Oct 2012

Yes, Dysautonomia is VERY REAL and can be very "life changing" - your entire life is lived according to what sympathetic system (tummy, IBS, breathing, etc., all things you CANNOT control) might be "flared up" at a particular time. It cannot be "cured" per se; however, it is the SYMPTOMS that must be treated. It also waxes and wanes - and people suffer in varying degrees. Someone else mentioned to go the the site for info - it is a wonderful site. I also have POTS and NCS, along with severe anxiety.
Was official dx'd about 4 years ago with POTS (from fainting, etc.,) at the age of 68 - HOWEVER, it was not known about in the medical field years ago

tarajean512 25 Mar 2018

I also have many of the disorders that you mentioned. But could I ask what NCS is? Thanks for sharing and God bless! free discount card

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