Can someone enlighten me about blood volume- how it plays a part in autonomic and orthostatic dysfunction, as well as the heart and brain? (I would be very grateful for a LAyMan-friendly website to learn from:)

The whole issue boggles my mind. I have recently added to my daily regime the wearing of upperbody compression clothing (I already wore 30-40 compression hose daily) and it's like being born again- I sudenly am able to walk down my driveway again and a lot more* I have read that the body can raise its own blood volume if you sleep on a slant- therefore I am ordering something to do a better job than the pillows I presently use, but I'm wondering what else I can do to raise my blood volume. ?? Is the recommended salt intake a part of this?

Does low blood volume contribute to an inability to walk or function in general?

I have been frequently anemic over the years and have a bleeding tendency and am also probably entering peri-menopause (bleeding for weeks) Do these things contribute to low blood volume as well? If I have low blood pressure and am usually anemic shouldn't my blood volume be tested and of import to my doctors?

Finally, which doctor- cardiologist or neurologist would be most appropriate for the blood volume issue?