Instead of the Lupron to induce menopause early to ease my pain, I weighed the different choices and decided on an IUD because I already take a ton of meds so why take more if I can help it!? Well, it's been 5 months and I know the bleeding can continue until6 mths on to 9 with it lessening. Well I mentrate at least 3 out of four weeks. My main concern that I'm seeking peer imput on is that it hurts at the site and sex hurts worse then before I got the dx. Is this typical for anyone else? I have fibromyalgia and alot of nerve pain(that's what it feels like) and my Primary and OB say it shouldn't and it will most likely subside but it hasn't and putting up with this added pain is not fun in the least. Also, when it was put in I went into shock, it was the most unbearable ordeal, I had to lay down for an hour after and they were worried about me driving because I was so pale, shakey and weak. Will it be as horrible when I have it removed? They want me to wait 9mths to see if it'll get better but I committed to 6mths, I don't think I can bare this for any longer! Also, what has help you gals with endo? Thanks for any help, all opinions are truly welcome!