That is reluctant to continue treatment stating that because I no longer work (because I had to retire with disability) that I don’t need treatment. So frustrated because I’m 56 years old nurse for 30 years when I am able I try to be productive, helping with grandchildren, maintaining my home and take care of husband, try to take care of elderly friends, before mental health essentially ceased life as I once knew it I was always taking care of all aspects of life, so to be the best that I can be I still have ADHD, Bipolar Ds 1, PTSD, and Anxiety. I struggle every waking minute with depression and have lost interest in everything. I take my medication as it’s ordered. I am a very spiritual person with a big heart, because of my illnesses I no longer have the abundance of friends or family for support. So why would a professional that is suppose to strive to heal and treat want to deny one of any normalcy. I’m terrified of even going to see doctor and having to explain. Because of no self esteem or self worth I am at the mercy and that’s so hard to accept, I would appreciate any positive suggestions or direction.