I have a DVT possibly caused by my knee surgery. I am on Warfarin 5mg 5 days a week and 2.5mg 2 days a week which has put me at a INR of 2.1 but it has taken many attempts to hit that INR value. The surgery was 4/1/2013 and the DVT was diagnosed on 4/9/2013. I still am experiencing the dull pain from the DVT . My question is can the clot still break loose and cause a PE. I have been exercising on a staionary bike for about 10 min a day and then the knee which my PT says will take another 6 weeks or so to be in good shape is tender in the front and back so I stop. I also am doing my normal chores around the house and grocery shopping. Other than that I have been trying not to exert myself too much physically. I'm on short term disability till this is resolved which my GP says that the clot could take 6 months to be reabsorbed. Am I on what would be considered a good regiment physically while I have the DVT and am taking the Warfarin? I am still concerned that the clot may free itself. Should I be? I am a 57 year old male.