During pregnancy, I was taking a low dose of Subox. I stopped breastfeeding & my son had seizures!I am so ashamed and feel so much guilt about this; I have never been a drug user in my life. I rarely even drink. My fiance and I experimented w/ pain meds for about a year & then we got on Suboxone so we could stop. Around that time, I found out I was expecting our son. I told my OBGYN & she prescribed me a low dose of Suboxone (I would take approx. 2-3mg or a quarter tablet). When our son was born, I breast-fed him for 2 months. About 3 weeks after I stopped breastfeeding, he got very ill. He was 11 wks old & vomited approx. 5 or 6 times; he also had diarrhea. The next night, he began to have partial seizures & we rushed him to the hospital. I thought his glucose levels or sodium levels might have been out of whack due to the vomiting, etc. & that caused the seizures. Doctors told us he had a metabolic disorder called Leukodystrophy & would not live to be 10. My heart was gone. I didn't eat, sleep, shower, etc. for almost a week. The doctors did 2 MRIs. The 1st didn't look good. Days later, they did a 2nd & told us he absolutely 100% did NOT have the disorder!!! God gave us a miracle. Today he is a healthy 3-year-old & his doctors are amazed; he is totally normal & has met every milestone. However, I will never get over the guilt of thinking that my taking Suboxone during pregnancy caused my baby boy to have to go through that. I will never forgive myself. (My doctor also knew I was taking Lexapro & they advised that both medications were more beneficial than withdrawing from them while pregnant.) My son now takes no medications and thank God, has never had another seizure. Did my medication use cause my son's seizures?