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What durgs can I take to stop fishy smell in my vigina?

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kaismama 19 Jun 2013

Unless you have an infection causing it there is nothing to take. I would see a dr to be sure you don't have one. Soap and water is usually enough.

DzooBaby 19 Jun 2013

You need to see a gynecologist or your PCP for a good diagnosis as there are different vaginal infections out there. Fishy smell is common with bacterial vaginosis and you will need prescribed medication to get rid of it. There is nothing OTC that will work. DO NOT DOUCHE!! Douching is unhealthy for the vagina and could make things worse. You never want to douche unless a Dr advises you to do so (and that would be a rare occurrence) Douches upset the balance in the vagina and can actually leave you more vulnerable to vaginal infections.

happybrandee 25 Jun 2013

You need to see a doctor !! You could have an infection going on and only a doctor can treat that, there is nothing over the counter that you can use for that as far as I know. but please keep in mind that I am not a doctor or a nurse, I am just going by my own personal expirence!
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