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Is Duralactin good for treating grass allergies in dogs?

Responses (2)

kaismama 15 Jul 2013

I doubt it would do much for allergies. I give my dog benadryl, as the vet suggested.

Anonymous 16 Jul 2013

you should give anti-allergic drug.

Anonymous 16 Jul 2013

PLEASE... don't give your dog any medication without asking your Vet! I give my dog Benadryl for allergies but you still need to consult with your Vet to make sure that you give your pet the right dose. Just because a medication is safe for humans, does not mean that it is safe for our furry friends so it is best to check with their vets first before you give them anything, no matter what anyone here would tell you, they may mean well, but unless they are a Vet and know your pet, you don't know if their advice is accurate so please check with your pet's vet first! free discount card

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