... years, although my medical records from my dr have been lost. I am struggling with withdrawal symptoms. I wanted to get off of cymbalta because I have felt emotionless, very flat feeling. I have tapered off and have not taken any meds since Oct 9: so 10 days. My body aches, I have had 3 ridiculous emotional outbursts over totally benign issues, plus other less bothersome withdrawal symptoms.When I expressed these symptoms to my dr., she said if you feel that bad maybe you should just go back on. Finally, my question-If it took several months to build up levels and after long term usage, does anyone have a time estimate as to how long these withdrawal symptoms might last? A few more weeks? Months? When do I throw in the towel and "go back on" as dr. suggests? I feel like all three doctors I see are somewhat poorly uneducated regarding withdrawal. Help:)