I have always had a problem going to the potty. But I finally after the last 15 years was able to get into the habit of going at around 9am or so every day this has been just recently though. So 4 days ago I found myself to be very constipated (didn't know too much sugar could cause that). I've never used a laxative before so I took just 1 little orange pill. About 10 minutes after I was able to go, and then 20 minutes after that I started sweating, feeling nervous, hot burning feeling in my back and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. My stomach bloated out and I have popped at least 3-5 times a day since then for the last 4 days... Now today and yesterday weren't so bad it's starting to take a snape again finally but for some reason it's really dark... Any way I would like to know is this normal, does it usually last 4 days, why am I still bloated... When will this misery end!!!