WHY DIDI received a DUI due to Effexor. No drinking. I had a wreck and broke my sterniam. This was in a Pharmacy parking lot. No other vehicals were involved. I was looking at a man walking into the store, to see if it was still open and hit a light post. I had taken my morning meds. which are Effexor XR 150, Xanax 2 mg, a benadryl. and approx. 10 hours later was the accident. Now my life is ruined. Lawyer bills. The DA will not drop this. I had been on these meds. for approx. 3 years. With no effects because of the long time I have been on this meds. My Doctor wrote a letter to the DA here in Jasper, GA (Pickens County) saying I COULD DRIVE! because I had been on these so long. So why can I not get any help with this? Do all people taking Meds. (and know the effects) are at risk of a DUI! Non of my meds say do not drive. They say see how the effect you before driving. I think 3 years is enough to know. And to have built up a tolerance to my meds. How many people get DUIs WITHOUT DRINKING?