My husband had extensive abdominal surgry where most of his intestines and part of his stomach were removed. He was in the hospital almost two years. 11 months of which were in Haborview Medical center. During this time he had no solid food and was fed by a bag. After his release he was given Morphine in pill form. During his stay he had IV morphine. Recently he lost his Morphine and is in extreme pain. We are unable to get back to Harborview as it is 130 miles away and his primary care doctor has decided to terminate the Morphine
It is so bad, it seems to be straight stomach acid and has affected the skin of the rectum to the point of being a large raw area.Some ointments have been tried triamcinolone an clortrimizole, but they did not work, I think because as he eats or drinks even 1 bite or 1 sip of water he immediatly is in the bathroom with diarreah. The only releif he gets is if he runs a extreme hot bath. The only thing that slows the amount of bowel movements seems to be Morphine. Is there anything else that will do this or what is it about the Morphine causes it to slow down? He is currently takin Lopermide by the handfull it seems and it does not have any effect what-so-ever.
Please if any body reads this and can help with any advice or doctor refferrals please do. We are at are wits end and he cant take much more, he needs help and it seems he is unable to find a good doctor in our area. I do not like watching my husband unable to walk or move and if he does he is crying with the pain. He has been fighting this diarreah for three years and has reached his wits end now that he has nothing to slow his amount of BM's