After mild heart attack 9 months ago, and xience V drug eluting stent placed to rectify a 70% blockage (Plaque) I have been on clopidogrel 75 mg + aspirin 81 mg (Ecotrin) I am told by cardiologist I can stop the clopidogrel now, as trials revealed 6 months is sufficient for taking clopidogrel with aspirin for drug eluting stent.(I still have 3 and half months to take it of the 12 months prescribed) I am feeling light headed, tired (sleepy) I do suffer from sore neck and back muscles due to computer work. Also on cardicor (Beta blocker) and xanax (for anxiety) Most days recently, I feel like a presure on my head (as if my skin is tight) I am female 61. Could my symptoms be caused by clopidogrel, and do I stop it I am on a homeopathic treatment for high cholesterol- can not tolerate statins- confirmed it with my cardiologist, who said it is okay I sometimes wonder if I have something wrong in the brain, or do these medications affect some people this way.Info on internet warns against stopping clopidogrel/plavix, even after 12 months, as people have experienced heart attacks caused by blood clot. I am petrified!!!