I have had a number of surgeries and was on oxycodone from my pain management doctor for real pain for three years. I got sick of the constipation though and got off of them completely going to tramadol instead for 3 weeks. Than I had to have another knee surgery and I went back onto the oxycodone for the last 10 days. Now I want to stop again but this time I don't have the tramadol.. while not very much and I don't want to go back to the doctor for anything more... I just want to stop. Since I have only been on the oxycodone for 10 days and was off of it for 3 weeks prior to that should I expect bad w/d's? I know there will be some and I can handle that. It is worth being done for good but I have three kids and work full time... so I need to know if I need to get some help to do this the next couple of days. Thanks!