So around February of this year I had an itchy groin area after a bike ride, I thought it may just be saddle soreness so stayed off the bike for a week. But it got worse so I bought some anti-fungle cream thinking that will sort it but again it made it worse because it made the area hot and wet. So after 3 weeks I gave up on the fungle cream and started using pure tea tree oil and it started to ease away but was still flaky so I booked an appointment with my local doctor. After explaining the problem to him he had a quick 1 minuet look and said its a fungle problem, so he gave me another cream which seemed to work. The problem seemed to go but every now and then it would be a little itchy and I would noticed a small circle of dry skin. This kept happening on and off for a few a months, the circle area would dry up then go after a few days. Its now October and the problem has come back again! I've had this nearly a year now and im sick of it. I cant even do any sporting activities because it seems to flair the problem up again. Seeing as the tea tree oil worked I have doubts on weather it was a fungle problem after all, but what else could it be? I don't suppose there's anywhere that I could maybe send a few skin flakes to have tested privately to see if these is any fungle problem? because if I go back to my doctor his just going to send me away with the cream again. I've added some pictures of what I have now, dry flaky skin but its not really itchy at the moment.