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What drugs are safe to use for smoking cessation when you are being treated for AFIB ?

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kaismama 21 Aug 2014

Talk to your cardiologist about it. He knows your condition.

jcolson 15 Jun 2015

If you want the drug Zyban or Chantex you need a doctor's prescription so talk to them then. Or, you can do it the same way I did, which is nicotine patches and nicotine gum and determined attitude follow the instructions in the patches pamplet and go for it. The down side of the drugs is they have a lot of side effects. This is the way I quit and I tried both of the drugs, I just couldn't put up with all of the side effects. After 7 weeks I stopped the patches and after 8 weeks I stopped the gum. That was 6 months ago, have not smoked since I stopped smoking 8 months ago, I do miss it from time to time. But not enough to start smoking again, that type of thinking will go away with time. Hope this helps you free discount card

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