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Drugs that can reduce body weight?

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ShanMan72 26 Oct 2013

Lots of drugs that can... however, is the benefit of an amphetamine worth the risk to the body especially the heart. There are seizure medications that can help you lose weight. I have lost a total of 118 pounds over 4 years and took no medications to do it. I still eat whatever I want to, besides sweet desserts... just as a treat for every 10 lbs lost. I start out with a 10 ounce glass of water 10 minutes before every meal, cut my meall in half and leave something on the plate.
Your stomach will shrink and you feel full faster. Once your stomach shrinks you can cut the meal by another 1/4 and eat less, again, therefore, losing weight a little faster. I drink water in between meals have one glass sweet iced tea or coca--cola (8oz)/ day and eat raw vegetables for snacks. They are very filling, are mostly water, and a lot of raw vegetables actually contain less calories than it takes to digest them, therefore, you actually lose weight by eating them. celery, in particular, is a great snack. It contains a natural relax at similar to a natural sleep aid and if you drink celery juice before you go to bed you will sleep better. Of course, before starting any diet, clear it with your physician... if you are diabetic there are still certain vegetables you cannot eat and fruit is definitely off the menu because it is loaded with sugar. free discount card

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