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What drugs causes metal illnesess?

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Inactive 9 Nov 2012

Hello. I might be wrong but I believe lithium is one. Regards pledge

smileyhappy 11 Nov 2012


That's funny because I take Lithium and it got rid of my mental illness.


smileyhappy 11 Nov 2012

I know that my nephew was doing alot of pot and got Personality Disorder because of it!


Inactive 11 Nov 2012

Hello Lynne. The question was "metal". There are drugs that cause or lead to metal poisoning.

smileyhappy 11 Nov 2012

Hi Pledge,

Ha! Ha! I just noticed it when I went to read your answer.


Inactive 12 Nov 2012

Very good Lynne. Have a good week now :-0)

smileyhappy 12 Nov 2012

You too! We will have to meet for coffee later this week!
Lynne : ) free discount card

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