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Drugs list of poorly soluble drugs?

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Anonymous 20 Jul 2010

Can you give us the names of the drugs so we can try and help you please?

sravanthi.D 15 Nov 2011

some of the poorly soluble drugs:-albendazole,danazole,ketoconazole,itrconazole,atovaquone,troglitazone,valsartan,nimesulide,loratadine,griseofulvin,felodipine,probucol,ubiquinone,cefixime frusemide,salicylic acid ,ketoprofen,tinidazole,aceclofenac,hydrocholthiazide,ofloxacin, ibufrofen,nevirapine,

abdul.bake 20 May 2012

Thank u for post the valuable information, which is helpful for all.

nangare 4 May 2014

poorly water soluble drugs-griseofulvin,amidarone,fenofibrate, amlodipin. free discount card

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