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What are the drugs used for lactation suppression?

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Inactive 20 Nov 2012

1-.Clomid (clomiphene) is used in the treatment of oligospermia; ovulation induction; female infertility; lactation suppression and belongs to the drug class synthetic ovulation stimulants.

2.Serophene (clomiphene)-same use and drug class as Clomid.

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kaismama 20 Nov 2012

Morning sunshine, how are you?

Inactive 20 Nov 2012

Afternoon, I am great... thanks for asking my friend!

MacIntosh12 20 Nov 2012

Hi sankar pharma, if you are a pharmacological student, you may want to know that OB-Gyn's do NOT use these medications any longer. Perhaps thirty years ago, but not now.
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P.S. maso has given you the right answer

suzanne66 20 Nov 2012

Bromocriptine related drugs and estrogen preparations have been used in the past but carry risks.
The safest way to suppress lactation after childbirth is to let milk production dry up naturally. Avoid stimulating the breasts or expressing milk. Over-the-counter pain relievers, ice packs and a supportive bra can help relieve breast engorgement and pain — which typically peaks during the first week after delivery.

MacIntosh12 23 Nov 2012

suzanne, I expect no reply from you, yet wanted you to know that this Q is from, what I believe, to be a pharma student. They (pharm students) often ask questions here, so they can glean answers to their exams. So, we are quite often doing their homework! free discount card

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