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How does the drugs Klonopin and Xanax compare in usage?

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Ynomel 15 Jan 2017

Xanax tends and is known to have a shorter half life.. While it definitely kicks in faster, it wears off fast as well.

Klonopin with a much longer half life is a great medication, and most patients feel to take less depending on your condition on consumption.

Feeling wise, everyone is different..

I would say a 2mg Xanax is equivalent to a 2mg Klonopin, but I know many people who disagree while others who do agree.

It all depends on your mind, and how you allow the medication to control it.

Be very careful consuming much more than prescribed. If you're switching to Klonopin from Xanax, and don't feel it's right nor working for you, return to your doctor, and try tapering down the Xanax first.

There's a "Benzo" chart going around online, but I don't trust it, because everyone's minds, and bodies react differently. free discount card

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