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What the drugs used for increased pulse rate?

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kaismama 18 Jan 2013

First you have to find out why its increased. Beta blockers such as inderal and metopropolol are used to slow the pulse rate.

dougiequick 9 Jun 2017

kaisama the QUESTION was simply what drugs ARE used to increase heart rate... it is just as a legitimate question as for instance "what are some examples of drug used to treat high blood pressure" Or "what drugs are used to treat ... WHATEVER" ... Heck it was just a question where I believe someone was interested (as I am) IF there even are drugs used to treat bradycardia ... I mean if you don't know then just don't answer... right? The question was NOT "what drug should I personally TAKE to raise my pulse?" The question really I think is "ARE there drugs used to treat low pulse rate? And then if so what are some examples of these ... IF anyone here knows?? free discount card

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