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Is there any drugs 4 preselection of sex ?or anyway to preselect sex of your baby?

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Inactive 22 Mar 2013

Hello egbeonu. No, not yet but given science, it certainly is not to far away in the distant future. Regards pledge

DzooBaby 23 Mar 2013

No, there is no way to pre-select sex yet unless it is by artificial insemination. The woman's egg is always an X chromosome-to make a girl, the sperm must be an X as well for an XX, to make a boy, the sperm needs to by a Y for an XY in normal healthy babies. In making babies the conventional way, by intercourse, it is luck of the draw-whichever sperm makes it to the egg first to fertilize it makes the determination of the childs sex. With artificial insemination, they have the technology to determine whether the sperm is X or Y and so they can preselect sex. I used to have a nun for an anatomy and physiology teacher and she used to tell us that X sperm live longer but are slower and Y sperm are faster but die sooner. She told us if one wanted a boy, the ejaculate should be deposited high into the vagina right next to the cervix, for a baby girl the ejaculate should be deposited just inside the vagina away from the cervix. Whether or not that really works, I doubt it, but it did seem to work for us-we have two boys. I still think it is just luck of the draw! free discount card

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