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What drug works best for quieting noise in tinnitus?

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suzanne66 20 May 2013

Have you seen a doctor? What is the cause? In many cases, there is no specific treatment for tinnitus and it may be something you have to live with.
Some specialists have used niacin, gabapentin or acamprosate with mixed results.
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mplath5 21 May 2013

Thank you for the reply. My Tinnitus was almost gone and I tried this mail order concoction "Clear Tinnitus" and there was NO NOISE for 4 hours or so but the noise returned with a vengance ... Sure hope a couple of Xanax .5mg work. Thank God for compassionate doctors who really understand. I'm back on the Rite Aid 'Ear Clear' and hope it gets back to working like it did. The 'Clear Tinnitus' product has many blood thinners in it (Which is why it works so well) bu I have had open heart surgery (w/4 bypasses) last November so I have to be careful. free discount card

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