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What drug can I use to treat water filled blisters on my feet?

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Stephen Treloar 13 Apr 2017

See your doctor, I have no idea of the cause of the blisters. Could you add some detail?

Windchimes123 13 Apr 2017

Hi Ochiki,
The best treatment is prevention. You may want to wear another pair of socks so they rub against each other instead of your skin. Blisters are caused by friction and moisture.
Make sure your feet are totally dry before putting on shoes.
If the blister is painful and you want to drain it, be very careful that you do it under sterile precautions.
Do NOT drain it if you have diabetes, immune system illnesses or swelling of feet.
-Cleanse your feet thoroughly and wipe with alcohol.
- take a needle that has been sterilized with a flame until it turns bright red.
Let it cool.
- Pierce the skin around the base and not the dome.
Do NOT trim the old skin off. It provides a protective dressing.
- Use antibiotic ointment to cover it prior to putting on a bandage.
- Use a bandaid by "tenting" it. Put the adhesive ends closer together so it has a tent appearance.

It's best not to puncture the blister if you can tolerate it.
Do not use alcohol or witch hazel because it dries the skin.
Tea tree oil is also an antiseptic oil instead of Vaseline or antibiotic ointment.
If you notice signs of infection, get to a podiatrist or your Primary.
This includes any pus draining, redness around the blister or red streaks up your leg.
Best wishes
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