What to do ? I have been going to pain clinic for8 months and I get op80 3 a day,4 roxycodone a day ,3 bacoflex s and 3 clonapin a day. About 6 was ago i sprained my ankle very bad and my dr added 2 perocet for the last 4 weeks. Well if things were not bad then my co. Decided they wher going to make co. Truck I drive maybe 2 or 3 times a week for an hour at most a commercial vehichle and we have to do a dot physical which includes 5 panel drug test. I have never told work about pain clinic in fear I would lose job.my boss knows I am taken pain meds for ankle and he said as long as you have script ,just show them and everything will be ok.so I starting taken as little pain meds as possible which is the percocets an 1 roxy and dropped all others,will I get away with just showing perocet script and be ok,or will I be looking for a job ? Please advise?