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Drug Test - how lond does it take for roxycodon to get out of your system?

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Inactive 10 Apr 2011

Roxycodone is an opiate which stays in the system 72 hours.

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Inactive 10 Apr 2011

Oxycodone is a semi synthetic opioid as you are aware and in the early 20th century in Germany they attempted to improve the existing opiods (morphine, heroin, codeine).-

So lets say Oxycodone falls in the category of morphine, heroin and codeine .-

Click on the link to read for yourself with regards to the detection times (hair, blood, urine):

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Inactive 10 Apr 2011

Speaking from personal experience in the past, it can oxycodone can stay in the system as far as a sensitive drug test is concerned for 3 to 8 days. I kinda depends on how much you use, what kind of physical shape you are in, how old you are, how fast your metabolism is, and how sensitive the test is. The test I took was at a recovery center and I tested positive for meds I know I hadn't taken for 7 to 8 days. The only reason I put this info in here, is I know sometimes people's jobs are on the line and would hate to see anyone who is a bit older and not active, have a positive test and get in trouble or lose their job over a positive drug test, when they might otherwise be a great person and a great worker. If you are worried you may not pass, see if you can get your doctor or dentist to write you a legal prescription for this medication. Many may not like that answer, but I know some mighty good people who have no insurance who have "borrowed" some pain meds to treat a legitimate pain. Best of luck, Patti free discount card

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