I was stopped for texting while driving which I know is wrong but I did it anyway. I was swurving while trying to text and swurved several times within 5 minutes causing someone to call my tags in to the police. For 3 days previous to that I had relapsed on my sisters adderall ER, clonazepan, a couple of blue xanexes and a couple of valiums. The last time I took an adderall was at 3pm and last time I took a valium and clonazepan and xanex was the night before but I had been doing this for 3 days. I was arrested for DWI-DRUGS after failed the eye field sobrietty test, then taken to the hopital by police and given a blood test to test for drugs. I made the biggest mistake in my life. I have never been in this kind of trouble in my entire life. I don't take pills anymore because I had been sober for 2 years but two days before Christmas Eve (my arrest), I snapped due to lack of sleep and spiritualty and let everything get to me and I took the pills for 3 days and do not have aprescription for them. On Day 1, I took 6 30mg adderall ER and that night took several .5mg clonazepan and a 1 mg xanex and 5mg valium. On day 2 Idid the same and Day 3 I took the adderall (same amount in the morning) and 1 extra at 3pm and was arrested at 8pm that night. I did not take any benzos that day. Can anyone help me and tell me what my blood test results might look like. Do the pills lose their strength everyday to where I won't show as many pills in my blood from taking them for 3 days. I am clueless to this and have looked up and searched the internet and have found nothing to explain it to me. Do the blood test come back with specific pills and levels and if so, what constittues a level. what will happen to me if the levels are very high? I don't know what to do. I am always on here because I belong to several support groups on depression, sleep disorders, and anxiety but I've not had to have to resort to asking you all this question. But I don't know whao else to ask except people who might have knowledge of it on here. Please reply to this. I need answers quick if at all possible. Sorry this was so detailed. thank you!