Hi all,

I need some insight please. I went to a party 2 weeks ago. Had a few drinks before hand so already quite merry. I was then given a drink called a mojito (never had it before) tasted quite bitter but shortly afterwards i got a sudden rush of paranoia (i have been suffering from dizziness and vertigo prior to this) mouth and face went slightly numb kinda like how you get before a panic attack. It passed n then carried on partying. Left quite early cos had a bit of an upset stomach but ate something and went to sleep fine. Woke a few hours later needing to go to the toilet again cos of the bubble guts, felt a bit better after and then went to sleep again. Woke up a bit hungover and carried on with my day. Started to feel really tired and out of it so had a few more beers with some pals. Was normal, got home ate and went to bed around 12ish but couldnt sleep (might have been over tired) but eventually nodded off. So that was friday and saturday. Felt a bit hungover on sunday and monday n then depersonalization kicked in around wednesday and have had it for 2 weeks now. It comes and goes, i can function normally but constantly feel weird and wake up in the mornings all panicky. Will go and see a doctor but was it a drug or am i just really stressed out? As i mentioned before i have been suffering from dizziness and lightheadiness. Plz help. All i can think of is was my drink spiked. Sorry to ramble on aswell.