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Which drug is preferred for skeletal muscle spasm due to heavy exercise in adult male?

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Stephen Treloar 14 Aug 2014

If you are sweating heavily during exercise the most likely cause of muscle spasms and cramping would be low electrolyte levels. A proper electrolyte replacement drink would be beneficial quite rapidly. (the soft drink types are not as good as a proper product) Pharmacies sell electrolyte replacements in sachets for people with severe diarrhea (not that this is the issue here but just that they are well formulated replacements); these are specially designed and formulated to replace lost body salts. You can also buy similar products in larger sizes at supermarkets. Use only as directed. Too much of any kind of salt is unhealthy. No drugs will help with this issue.

After over training lactic acid can build up in the muscles also causing cramping (much less likely than electrolytes) but the human body is very efficient at getting things back in balance rapidly. Again, no drugs would be appropriate.

In conclusion: Drugs are not appropriate unless there is some underlying issue that we don't have enough information to even guess about. If it is an ongoing issue talk to your doctor for a professional opinion. free discount card

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