I have been taking gabapentin for 10 weeks after two level spine fusion surgery July 18. Last Thursday I was standing at my sink and turned to my right, holding on to the sink counter, I took a step forward with my left leg. Immediately I felt a complete weakness and a popping sound in the left leg and I was on my way down to the floor. I have never ever experienced this before. Now that I have read all the side effects that are possible with this Neurontin I believe this drug is capable of causing my fall. I called my surgeon right away but he never heard of the side effects being this detailed. After the fall I got up and was able to walk on that leg but was shaken. I have had no other episodes. Have there been any other reports of this happening on this drug. I ask my surgeon if I could go off this drug and he said yes but to taper off the drug slowly which I have. When this happened I was NOT dizzy or lightheaded before the fall. It was as if I had been hit with a stungun.